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Desire D22 Portable Edison wash fixture

Desire D22 Portable Edison wash fixture


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Tapping into the power of the x7 Color System™, which combines up to seven LED colors onto one unit, the D22 comes in four arrays: Studio Daylight, Studio Tungsten, Studio HD and Lustr®+. Using cool-white LED emitters, the Daylight version emulates natural sunlight, with a color temperature of 5,600K. At 3,000K, the Tungsten model can replace less-efficient conventional fixtures for warm-white light. Studio HD creates high-definition white light with variable color temperatures. Lustr+ is the most flexible array, providing nearly limitless color possibilities, from adjustable whites and subtle tints to vibrant, bold colors sure to make an impact in any installation.

The Desire D22 is also designed to work perfectly with DataTrack, ETC’s DMX-ready track lighting solution. With the D22 and DataTrack, architectural installs can take advantage of the same high-quality dimming, superior color rendering, and even beam field ETC is known for.

The Studio Daylight array produces cool white light that looks just like natural sunlight. This array contains 5600K LEDs for high-intensity, non-variable cool-white output

The Studio Tungsten array creates warm white light that mimics the performance of tungsten fixtures. This array contains 3000K LEDs for high-intensity, non-variable warm-white output. They look great in person and on camera.

The Studio HD array combines warm white and cool white LEDs for variable-color-temperature mixing. Added to the mix are carefully chosen colors from the Selador x7 Color System to allow for tint adjustment (+/- green) while also filling in the white LED spectral gaps. This provides a high quality and tunable white-light source.

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