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Bellevue Lighting

Bellevue Lighting Bulb - 2700k warm white wireless

Bellevue Lighting Bulb - 2700k warm white wireless


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Have you ever wanted to use a lamp at an event but didn't have access to an outlet nearby? A few pendants you want to hang, but in the middle of the woods? A ceiling that you can't install a fixture but the client really wants their crystal chandelier?

Introducing the new Bellevue Lighting Bulb - a truly wireless dimmable light bulb that works in any existing light fixture with an E26 socket.

Similar bulbs on the market run for $179+ a bulb and require you to modify your fixture but we believed there was a more affordable way.

This Bulb charges quickly in any socket (we also have chargers!), lasts 6-8 hours, has 3-step dimming, is lightweight, and is remote-controlled. There's no easier way than this to turn any fixture into a truly wireless decor item. The bulb outputs up to the equivalent of a 100w bulb at 1,200 lumens.

Each Bulb comes with 1x bulb, 1x remote, and 1x hanging adapter.

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