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Blizzard Lighting

Blizzard COOL CABLE DMX 3-pin/PC Combo - 3' Cable

Blizzard COOL CABLE DMX 3-pin/PC Combo - 3' Cable


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3ft powerCON compatible (male-blue) to (male-white) 14 AWG power + 3-pin XLR(M) ? XLR(F) DMX combo cable. Cool Cable DMXPC cables can replace any set of individual power and DMX extensions with a single neatly wrapped cable. They come in various lengths, with 3-pin or 5-pin XLR plugs, and can be used to link the power and data of any equipment with DMX and powerCON compatible connections.

Reliable Data Transfer

These cables are perfect for linking up all of your indoor lighting fixtures. The DMX cable is built to meet USITT standards for DMX512 cables - 120 ohms, low capacitance, and double (foil and braid) shield. Finally, both power and DMX cables are encased together in a highly flexible outer jacket with heat shrink.

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