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Chauvet Professional

Dual F Series Rig Bar (50cm)

Dual F Series Rig Bar (50cm)


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Easily connect your F-series panels using the DRB-F50CM Dual-function Rig Bar from Chauvet Professional. With magnetic housing assists, simply snap a vertically placed panel onto the Rig Bar and secure it using the built-in connector screws — there's no need for other tools. These Dual-function Rig Bars work great for creating a vivacious overhead, ground, or stacked set-up. Lighting designers at Sweetwater find they can create intricate and enthralling designs by utilizing the DRB-F50CM Dual-function Rig Bar.

  • Magnetic housing assists for easy connection to panels
  • Slide and lock system
  • Use for overhead, ground, or stacked connections
  • With built-in connector screws there’s no need for extra tools
  • Works seamlessly with the DRB-F100CM
  • Compatible with Chauvet Pro F-series panels
  • Hoist rings work with any standard rigging hardware
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