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GAM Floor

GAM Floor

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GamFloor is a durable, self-adhesive, versatile vinyl floor covering available in a variety of colors. The 4-mil thick vinyl finish is dyed through, producing matte finishes much softer and gloss finishes much shinier than paint and its dense opacity covers any color with no drying time or toxic paint odors. GamFloor can be applied to most smooth vertical and horizontal surfaces; concrete, vinyl, wood, painted finishes, glass and plaster and is flexible enough to conform to moderate contours. 1,000 sq. ft of GamFloor can be applied in about one hour and walked on immediately after application. Easy to clean, this durable vinyl flooring will remain beautiful for months. In 10 minutes GamFloor can be removed, leaving no residue, restoring the original surface, quickly, easily, and economically. Parties, retail displays, photo shoots, stages and production studios are just a few of the applications perfect for GamFloor.

Width: 48” (1.21m)
Thickness: 4-mil
Colors: Variety
Length: 50’ (15.24m) or 100’ (30.48m)
Weight: 50’ - 13lbs (5.89kg) or 100’- 26lbs (11.79kg)
Composition: Vinyl
Choose this floor for: Film/TV Studios, Production Studios, Stage, Event Spaces, Retail and so much more
Installation: Self Adhesive

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