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GRAVITY Musician Seat with Guitar Stand

GRAVITY Musician Seat with Guitar Stand


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Compactness is the key word here because who isn't familiar with forgetting their guitar stand in a hurry on the way to the gig, the stool at the concert venue not being comfortable and the guitar slipping off your leg because the stool is too high. For this there is now the Gravity FG SEAT 1 musician seat. A clever stool with integrated stand and adjustable footrest for a bar-like feeling on every stage and at home. The guitar bar stool is a round musician seat designed for guitarists, bassists and singer-songwriters. It boasts several of Gravity's special hallmark features. Firstly, there is the design and functionality of the seat: It is made from a combination of leatherette and fabric. This ensures that the seat surface is breathable at the right places, which significantly increases sitting comfort. This combination also gives the stool a unique and appealing design.

A second highlight is the sophisticated stable body mount for your guitar. This can be folded down and can securely hold any conventional guitar, whether acoustic or electric. Further up, the neck of the guitar is held by a pull-out arm, which can be locked to protect your instrument from any falls. At the touch of a button, the arm can be elegantly retracted under the seat when not in use. For transport, the FG SEAT 1 fits into any narrow space as it can be folded flat. A third very practical aspect is the particularly stable and height-adjustable footrest. This can be easily pulled up with your foot and enables you to quickly find the optimal leg angle. This way, you always keep your guitar in a perfect position. In short, the FG SEAT 1 is a compact 3-in-1 solution for you and your guitar.
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