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GRAVITY Flexible Studio-Monitor Tray for DJ Desk

GRAVITY Flexible Studio-Monitor Tray for DJ Desk


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The practical studio monitor trays extend the functionality of your Gravity® DJ Desk (FT 01) and allow you to perfectly set up your trusty studio monitors.

The FT 01 MT B studio monitor trays are continuously height-adjustable, rotatable by 360° and tiltable by 15°. Precise positioning and tilting of the loudspeakers is made much easier thanks to a scale on the tubes.

To ensure that no annoying frequencies are transmitted from the studio monitors to your DJ Desk, the trays are coated with EVA pads and the front anti-tip device holds your loudspeakers securely in position, even when they are tilted sharply.

Thanks to the ingenious rail system on the DJ desk, the studio monitor trays can also be moved horizontally.

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