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Compact Studio Monitor Table Stand

Compact Studio Monitor Table Stand

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Professional productions need a big studio - this guiding principle was considered irrefutable for decades. Today, entire albums are produced in small home studios. Getting the most out of a cramped environment requires compact and well thought-out solutions, like the Gravity® SP 3102 CB studio monitor table stand.

With the SP 3102 CB, you can place your studio monitors directly on your desk without worrying about stability or taking up too much space. Thanks to the continuously height adjustment, the monitoring speakers can be precisely aligned with your sitting position - and the stereo triangle is ready!

The SP 3102 CB is based on a robust steel construction that ensures a secure stand for your studio monitors. The rubberized non-slip feet on the bottom of the table base and the EVA-padded bearing surface for the speaker also contribute to this.

The Gravity® SP 3102 CB is the ideal solution for small tables and storage areas in home studios and is aimed at users who do not want to give up on a stable stand and precise alignment of the monitors even in cramped environments.

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