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Chauvet DJ

Intimidator Beam 360X

Intimidator Beam 360X


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Lighting Xcellence is at hand! Unlock it with Intimidator Beam 360X a dynamic, 110-watt compact moving head designed for a variety of mobile events. Robust wireless control options are possible without DMX thanks to the built-in RF receiver that makes Intimidator Beam 360X compatible with the RFC or RFC-XL optional remotes that include options for pan, tilt, color wheel, gobo control and more right in the palm of your hand. This powerhouse also is programmed with a new starting position for the moving head, improving on the whip-around rotation some programming previously initiated, making your programming look smoother and more professional. An impressive 16-facet prism splits the beam and intensifies the excitement and you can project crisp gobos from nearly any distance with the motorized focus. Unlock your X with Intimidator Beam 360X.

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