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Chauvet DJ

Intimidator Free Spot 60 ILS

Intimidator Free Spot 60 ILS


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This revolutionary powerhouse is a 100% TRUE wireless battery-powered mover with built-in D-FI transceiver and ILS compatibility for use in the ILS ecosystem. A built-in RF receiver is on board for wireless control using the optional RFC or RFC-XL remotes and adjustable run times ensure the fixture will last the length of almost any event. Intimidator Free Spot 60 ILS is packed with robust features like a new home position for the moving head that allows for smoother programming by preventing a whip around motion when looks are triggered. Motorized focus means you can project crisp gobos from nearly any distance and a 3-facet prism splits the beam and covers a larger area. Extend the fixture’s lifespan with the onboard charge and discharge protection circuitry and beams always remain on the dance floor using the built-in, innovative Totem mode. Intimidator Free Spot 60 ILS. Part Intimidator. Part Freedom. All lighting power.

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