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Gamma LED Vision

Luxé Rosé XT 200 Z

Luxé Rosé XT 200 Z


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Part of our theatrical line, the Rosé XT 200 Z (VW) is a LED profile lighting fixture with the classic style of a fresnel which makes it suitable for theatrical and stage lighting venues. Equipped with a 200w LED that is capable of linear color mixing, the user can now create variable white colors that range from 2950 – 5700k. This allows for the adjustment of natural skin tone correction due to a the high CRI and variable white color mixing. What makes the fixture unique is its motorized zoom that has a range of 5 – 60º to allow for a tight spot or broad wash. Built with a sleek aluminum housing and 4 barn doors to minimize light leakage, this is a perfect fixture for any stage application.

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