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Mega Lite

MEGALite Cable TRUNK 48" X 30"

MEGALite Cable TRUNK 48" X 30"


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Mega Cases Heavy Duty trunks are made to the highest standards to handle the rigors of the road.. The wood that is used is a front and back filmed 7 ply 1/2 wood Hex textured pattern . Most of the hardware used is from Penn Elcom an industry proven hardware manufacturer. The trunk series of product is equipped with a New Magnetic caster system that will allow the caster to rotate into stacking position automatically with out having to dangerously place hands between cases when stacking.


1/2 Black Hex pattern Wood 7 layer

Penn ElCom Hardware

4 large Receded latches
8 Large Ball Corners
2 large lid Stays
2 Large Automatic Latch
4 4? Magnetic Castors
4 Stacking Castor Dish
1 Label Dish (with Generic Mega Case label)
3 Removable wood Dividers
3 Set of aluminum separator tracks

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