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Mega Lite

MEGALite Mega Dongle

MEGALite Mega Dongle


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The MEGA DONGLE is feature full, cost efficient and the first USB interface to feature 3 options of DMX platforms in one package, including Lumen8, Enlighten and Disco. The Lumen8 software features an advanced production and theatrical control platform. Enlighten is a fully featured software focused on required functionalities with a quick learning curve. The Disco software is a simplified introduction to the control platform with focus in small to midsize venues and ideal for the touch screen oriented users. With this USB interface, specifiers can offer one dongle to multiple users including those in clubs, event venues, houses of worship, production and theater industry.

With the MEGA DONGLE, support and training is always available for you. Our lighting control specialist will gladly answer any technical questions you may have to ensure you get the best experience while using our control platform.

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