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Mega-Folding Batten Clamp, Black Anodize

Mega-Folding Batten Clamp, Black Anodize


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The one-piece, Mega-Folding Batten Clamp is the fastest way to hang 1-1/2" pipe. The tight compression fit keeps pipe from rotating within the clamp. The Mega-Folding Batten Clamp hinges around the pipe batten and fastens with a single 7/16"-14 TPI Flathead Socket Screw with using a 1/4" hex driver. Secure to structural supports with up to a 7/16" shackle pin, quick link, or turnbuckle jaw. Very low profile on the bottom end of the batten, makes it easier to fasten curtains, scenery, and lighting. CNC Machined 1/4" thick x 2" wide 6061T-6 Aluminum with 7/32" x 2" HD Sprirol Coiled Pin for hinge joint.

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