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Mega-Track Hanger Parts

Mega-Track Hanger Parts

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Mega-Track Hanger Halves can be ordered separately.

Hardware Packs for 6 are also available. The longer 2" socket head cap screws can be used with the complete track hangers which includes a Mega-Gridlock Half. The shorter 1-1/4" socket head cap screws can be used for attaching the Mega-Track Hanger Short Half to a Spacer Plate.

Order Codes

MG-HWP Hardware Pack for 6 Mega-Tack Hangers, 2" Long Socket Head Cap Screws
MT-HWP Hardware Pack for 6 Mega-Track Hangers, 1-1/4" Socket Head Cap Screws
MTL-M Mega-Track Hanger Long, Half, Silver
MTL-MB Mega-Track Hanger Long, Half, Black
MTS-M Mega-Track Hanger Short, Half, Silver
MTS-MB Mega-Track Hanger Short, Half, Black
NN.3125-18-8ZP Nyloc Nut, Grade 8
SC.3125-18X1.25-APL 1-1/4" Socket Head Cap Screw
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