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Gamma LED Vision

Orux 700 Z (Profile)

Orux 700 Z (Profile)


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Our most advanced mover, the Orux Led 700 is a profile fixture that is equipped with a 700watt LED. Its precision optics also features a light color source of 6,800k, CMY + CTO color mixing, and 1 color wheel that is equipped with 8 colors to give the user a full color spectrum from soothing pastels to rich saturated colors. What truly makes the Orux 700 versatile is its 4 independently steerable cutting blades to create a variety of angles and shapes with its beam, along with its metal static & rotational gobo wheels that offer over 14 combined gobos. Perfect for any sized venue with its motorized zoom angle of 5º – 45º it can be used to create a wide or narrow beam along with its 8-facet prism to create any dynamic look that is desired. The Orux Led 700 is the perfect lighting fixture for any sized venue that needs an advanced programming look.

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