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QolorPoint Wirelesss LED Uplight - case of 6

QolorPoint Wirelesss LED Uplight - case of 6


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City Theatrical's QolorPoint® Wireless LED Uplighters (P/N 7000) are bright output uplighters with stylish design and all weather use that help lighting professionals create stunning, high quality lighting effects for indoor and outdoor events. These easy to use, battery-operated QolorPoint Uplighters now come with onboard Multiverse® wireless DMX/RDM technology equipped as standard, for scalability of wireless DMX lighting data like never before.

QolorPoint Wireless LED Uplighters set the standard in temporary wireless event lighting. They include an understated elegant design, IP65 rating for outdoor use, and their 2000 lumen output lights medium sized trees or three-story buildings. QolorPoint Uplighters provide even color mixing, long battery life (eight hours max output), and variable PWM, making them the most versatile and feature rich portable uplighters available today.

Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM onboard technology in QolorPoint Wireless LED Uplighters allows lighting users to scale up to larger event lighting systems without producing harmful amounts of radio energy that could disrupt other wireless systems in the venue. The addition of revolutionary 2.4GHz Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology to QolorPoint Uplighters provides all the benefits a Multiverse SHoW Baby® device, within the uplighter itself.

Onboard Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM technology means that each QolorPoint Uplighter can now deliver breakthrough plug and play wireless DMX and RDM transmission, with six user selectable SHoW IDs in default mode, and access to all the revolutionary new 2.4GHz Multiverse SHoW IDs by connecting an RDM controller, like DMXcat® Multi Function Test Tool.

The onboard Multiverse wireless DMX/RDM upgrade in QolorPoint Uplighters includes compatibility with all Multiverse SHoW IDs on the 2.4GHz band, for use worldwide, as well as backwards compatibility with City Theatrical’s legacy SHoW DMX wireless DMX system.

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