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City Theatrical

Safer Sidearms Original with 18" of Pipe

Safer Sidearms Original with 18" of Pipe


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Load-rated City Theatrical Safer Sidearms safely support heavier modern lighting fixtures. Safer Sidearm Originals are designed to replace the c-clamp on a standard sidearm. The units incorporate a half coupler and a vertical brace to create stability and are designed to transfer the weight load back to the structural pipe.

Safer Sidearms use a diagonal brace to transfer the load off the clamp and onto the vertical pipe, making them stronger and safer to use.

All City Theatrical Safer Sidearms are CE certified and RoHS compliant. The safe working load for this Safer Sidearm is 50lbs. (22.68kg).

Includes crossarm 18" length of ½” Schedule 40 steel pipe, and one sliding tee

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