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Blizzard Lighting

Blizzard UVonix Blackstar

Blizzard UVonix Blackstar


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UVonix Blackstar is designed to maximize UV output, while filtering out all non-365nm wavelengths. It features 12x 10W UV LEDs with ZWB2 longwave UV bandpass filters, a modern advancement on the Woods' glass filter. ZWB2 filters permit 23% more UV light to pass while blocking unnecessary visible light, making luminescent objects & paints glow more vibrantly.

Packed with Features

Features include a 30? beam angle, adjustable LED refresh rates (900Hz - 25KHz), 4 dimming curves, flicker-free resolution, and a variety of strobe effects. It also offers light shaping capabilities with its 4-leaf barndoor attachment, flexible positioning with dual mounting brackets, 4-button control panel, 3/5-pin XLR in/out, and powerCON TRUE1-compatible in/out connections.


12x 10W UV LEDs

365nm UV-pass lens filters

900Hz-25KHz refresh rates

4 dimming curve settings

6 dimming delay settings

Strobe effects

Barndoor attachment

Dual mounting brackets

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