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Vaporflame - Air/Water Supply Splitter (2-fer)

Vaporflame - Air/Water Supply Splitter (2-fer)


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Compatible with all Vaporflame fixtures, this handy little splitter will divide and conquer the setup of your VaporFlame system. This product features 1 male valved connector on each hose to attach to the Water and Air supply, and a split to two female valved connectors on each hose which can each connect to a Vaporflame fixture. In short, this "2-fer" is used to supply water and air to multiple fixtures from a single supply.

Featuring a pair of durable polyair hoses and a dual valved connector, this hose will make sure you don't cross the streams. The valved connectors close off air and water supply when disconnected keeping your air pressure up, and the area free from water spills.

  • Valved Connectors
  • Compatible with VF hoses
  • Connects engines & supplies to effect units
  • Designed to connect air-air & water-water without crossing the streams
  • Gray-air / Blue-water
  • Drain before storage
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