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Vaporflame - Supply Adapter

Vaporflame - Supply Adapter

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A handy adapter that will allow the clever user to connect their VaporFlame fixtures to their very own shop water and air supply!

This piece is carefully crafted with a female valved water and air connector at the fixture end, a female garden hose connector on the water hose, and a male 1/4" air compressor connector on the air line. With this you can connect a standard spigot to the water line, and your air compressor to the air line. You can then use the spigot's water valve to adjust the water supply, and the compressor's air valve to adjust the air supply.

  • Valved Connectors
  • Compatible with VF hoses
  • Connects engines & supplies to effect units
  • Designed to connect air-air & water-water without crossing the streams
  • Gray-air / Blue-water
  • Drain before storage
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