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Gamma LED Vision

XL Penn (House Light)

XL Penn (House Light)


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Our Gamma XL Penn House Light 160 is the most powerful of our house light fixture. It is an efficient yet powerful multipurpose lighting tool to transform any room with its Color mixing capabilities and options for either a 30º or 60º beam angle. Equipped with a 165w CREE R/G/B/W LED and flicker free technology, this fixture gives a smooth & even wash without creating any uneven spots while never flickering on video/camera no matter what dimmer setting its on. This is an extremely important feature as most other professional lights use multiple different colors/ LED’s in order to create a certain color which can make it a bit distracting for any speaker, performer, or audience. Our Penn LED house light fixes this issue by using only one single low power but high output LED source which creates the soft pastel, bold saturates, or true white’s color temperature that is desired while also generating low energy consumption. It’s also built with a sleek & compact design that allows it to keep cool without the use of a fan and also fit seamlessly into any infrastructure to give you a spectacular ambience while being quiet & inconspicuous.

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