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Boreas Snow S4

Boreas Snow S4


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The S4 Snow Machine can create both blizzard-like conditions and beautiful, gently falling flurries. A relatively compact package, the S4 is well-suited for use in plays, movie sets, winter attractions, and many other types of applications.

Two Stage Blower Fans - The S4 features a 1350W High Fan Setting and an 800W Low Setting, allowing the user to choose the output and audio level that is best suited for their needs.

True 0-100% Variable Control - The included remote allows the user to choose any flake size with the turn of a dial. The S4 features almost dust-sized particles at the low end and heaps of heavy snow at the high end.

Integrated Noise Reduction - The S4 has noise reduction material built into the internals of the machine to ensure that it can operate as quietly as possible in live performance situations.

Large Fluid Tank and Hanging Bracket - The S4 can hold up to 5 liters of snow fluid, meaning it can be run for a very long time on lower output settings. The included hanging bracket allows for maximum flexibility in installation and usage.

The S4 features a low (800W) and a high (1,350W) fan setting, allowing for greater flexibility for your power and output needs
Soundproofing has been built directly into the machine chassis to ensure that the machine operates as quietly as possible
Adjustable DMX Output
Optimized for Blizzard to Small Flurry
The power components of the control panel are all water resistant.

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