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Fantasy FX Professional Haze

Fantasy FX Professional Haze


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Fantasy FX® delivers the only stage haze, steam and fog effect without needing a technical expert. Used in Television, Movies, Theatrical Productions, Nightclubs, Photo Shoots, or anywhere a professional haze or fog effect is needed.

Each can contains 5 minutes of continuous spray. Spray away from people, furniture, curtains, and food. Any overspray will easily wipe off with a soapy cloth (caution: may cause slippery surface). To remove fog from room, simply ventilate – open doors and windows. Professional Haze is available in regular (horizontal spray) and hands-free (lock-down vertical spray).

Suggestions for use:

To create stunning haze effects that amplify lighting, spray 15-20 seconds in enclosed area.
To get a fog effect, spray 1-2 minutes and light from the front for densest fog.
To enhance the color of the fog or haze appearance: use spot lights, pars, follow spot, track lights, or even a flashlight for beam.

Easy to use haze spray in a disposable can
Long-lasting, up to 2 hours depending on the conditions
Meets EPA Standards
Ozone safe
Net weight 8oz.

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