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Chauvet DJ

Freedom Par T6

Freedom Par T6

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Small and mighty, Freedom Par T6 takes tri-color (RGB) color mixing to new levels of visual brilliance. This ultra-compact and lightweight 100% TRUE wireless, battery-operated par with a built-in D-Fi transceiver boasts new secondary optics that provide perfect color blending with nearly no artifacts. But that’s just the beginning. Enjoy newfound freedom in control with a built-in RF receiver for wireless control using the optional RFC or RFC-XL remotes from anywhere in the event space. No more pointing and clicking! The full-text OLED readout on the menu makes changes and adjustments even easier and adjustable run times ensure the fixture will last the length of almost any event. The included magnetic diffuser pops on or off with ease to adjust the beam angle and even more adjustments are available with the spring-loaded kickstand.

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