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GRAVITY Height-Adjustable Folding Keyboard Bench

GRAVITY Height-Adjustable Folding Keyboard Bench


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Piano and keyboard players often have to sit for hours on end during long rehearsals, gigs or recording sessions. Having a flexible and comfortable keyboard bench enhances comfort, improves posture and prevents you from getting tired too quickly.

Gravity's FK SEAT 1 keyboard bench, which can be used for a variety of different applications on the stage, in the rehearsal studio or while practicing and composing at home, is for keyboard players, guitarists, bass players, and musicians of string and wind instruments.

It boasts several of Gravity's special hallmark features.

On the one hand, the seat has a range of functions: it is covered with a mix of leatherette and fabric to ensure the seat surface can breathe in all the right places. This provides an elevated level of comfort. The FK SEAT 1's unmistakable and appealing design is also made possible by this combo of materials.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that the bench's height can be adjusted to provide the optimal sitting position for every body size and every type of instrument. The necessary stability is provided by the solid steel frame.

The integrated leveler is another very useful element, and the tubular base construction is outfitted with our KS VARI®-Foot 1. The simple screw-lock mechanism lets the bench stay firmly and securely fixed in place, even on bumpy surfaces. The FK Seat's 1 hinge mechanism allows the bench to be quickly set up, taken down and folded flat for transport. It can thus fit into virtually any space during loading. In short, our FK SEAT 1 is the ideal keyboard bench for a wide range of applications!

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