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GRAVITY Short Loudspeaker Stand 35 mm, Aluminium, Black

GRAVITY Short Loudspeaker Stand 35 mm, Aluminium, Black

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If you want to set up your loudspeakers in a stable and secure way, or place your laptop in a firm and safe position, the SP 5111 B, as a short classic tripod loudspeaker stand, is exactly the right thing for you. It is made of sturdy but lightweight aluminum with black powder coating and can support up to 35 kg at a maximum height of 132 cm.

The Loudspeaker stand is excellent for attaching the Gravity® LTS TRAY 1 laptop tray and other 36 mm attachments that you need to use based on your body height.

Its mounting for the base is manufactured from die-cast aluminum. The steel sleeve for adjusting the height is virtually indestructible and offers additional stability. A locking pin holds the 35 mm thick extension tube in place. The ergonomic knobs for the set screws are made of highly durable ABS plastic and covered with a non-slip soft-touch thermoplastic coating for comfortable handling. Thanks to its compact size and low weight of 1.94 kg, the short loudspeaker stand is perfect for portable use.

An extra set of black coding rings comes supplied with the Gravity® SP 5111 B Loudspeaker stand; additional rings are also available in many different colours to add your own personal touch.

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