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GRAVITY Robust Work Gloves

GRAVITY Robust Work Gloves


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Everything today is done digitally: lights, audio and video operate on networks and can be controlled from everywhere and at any time using touchscreens. Hybrid events even sometimes take audiences into the virtual world. Yet no stage in the world can be put up at the touch of a button. The heavy lifting still needs to be done manually. Speakers, spotlights, mixing consoles and many other things still have to be pre-loaded into cases and trucks by hand. And that's why Gravity developed the XW GLOVE working gloves to make the work of anyone who has to turn events into a physical reality: safer, efficient and more comfortable.

The XW GLOVE gloves feature two types of materials: the fingers and palm are made of durable goat leather and the back of the hand of elastic jersey. A good fit is ensured by the rubber band and the velcro fastener. Goat leather sets itself apart from other types of leather because it has no oily residues, helping it to remain soft and be more resilient and tear-resistant than other kinds of leather.

There is also an opening for the thumb and index finger on the XW GLOVE that allows digital applications to be accessed at any time, even when toiling away on the stage and in the warehouse. Apps and remote software on smartphones and tablets required for taking care of daily business in all fields can thus be used quickly and freely without always having to remove your gloves. Carrying out high-precision work by hand is also made easier at the same time: small parts can be grabbed, turned and pulled, tape can be ripped, etc.

The Gravity XW GLOVE gloves are available in black in sizes M, L and XL.

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