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Little Blizzard Professional

Little Blizzard Professional


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Snow falling provides a great atmospheric effect for a movie, theater show, music video, live events and other productions. The industry standard, Little Blizzard Professional Series, makes the most realistic snow any time of the year. Perfect for dramatic winter wonderlands. With its adjustable flake size, the Little Blizzard can create both gentle drifting snow or amazing blizzards.

There are any number of occasions in which an artificial snow production will make a memorable and lasting impression on you and your guests. When paired with one of our Hurricane Fans, the Little Blizzard Professional machine creates the perfect atmospheric effect – continuous floating snow that evaporates on contact. Whatever season it is, our Snow Machines paired with a Hurricane Fan will create the dreamy, winter wonderland effect you’re looking for.


Digital Interface w/LCD display
Stand-alone timer/interval control
Wireless remote control
Wireless DMX/RDM Compatible
Wide range highly configurable snow.
Highly efficient use of fluid.
Available in Soundproof if a quiet set is what you’re needing.
CE Approved.

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