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Maniac 3D

Maniac 3D


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Transform your next live event into an epic experience with the Maniac 3D, designed for unparalleled performance. This unit seamlessly merges one of the worlds most powerful fog machines with 120 watts of vibrant, saturated LEDs housed in an exceptionally compact moving head.

The Maniac 3D is specifically tailored to infuse energy into live music events, nightclubs, and sporting events of any scale. Incorporating the Maniac 3D into your live event offers a unique ambiance and sensory immersion that will captivate both you and your attendees. Order your Maniac 3D today and redefine live event experiences!

Patented Designs: The Maniac 3D integrates cutting-edge technology to deliver a mesmerizing experience. It employs a distinctive high-pressure fluid system that remains on standby, diverging from previous designs that relied solely on the pump. This enables the Maniac 3D to instantly release an impressively vast and striking fog jet, reaching distances up to 20ft, three times further than its predecessors!

Instant Off Technology: Experience effortless control with CITC’s Instant Off Technology. The Maniac 3D can start and stop its effects without delay, providing precise control over the fog effects to match the rhythm of your event.

Pyrotechnics & Cryogenic-Style Effects Without the Hassle: Paired with CITC’s quick dissipating fog fluid, the Maniac 3D offers a true alternative to cryogenic-style effects without the need for large tanks, fire marshal inspections or permits! Enjoy the same impact without the added cost.

Patented Designs
Instant Off Technology
Pyrotechnics & Cryogenic-Style Effects Without the Hassle

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