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Mega Lite

MEGALite Framebot 600

MEGALite Framebot 600

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The Framebot 600 is a full-featured automated luminaire with robust features packed into a medium-sized housing. This theatrical and production-grade unit is equipped with a 580W 7000K LED that produces an output of over 20,500 lumens (@ approximately 45ft). Featuring CMYK color mixing, the unit produces a broad range of pastel shades to rich saturated hues. The Colormation? combines the effect of an animation wheel with vibrant colors that can be used to create an abstract motion effect.

With an advanced 4-blade framing system that features a 2pt pivot per blade and 180? framing rotation, the Framebot 600 allows for precise beam shaping. The impressive 6.5?-42? zoom range, 540? pan and 260? tilt, enhance versatility and efficiency. The rotating 4-facet prism can be used to intensify the 6 removable rotating gobos and 7 static gobos.

This fully-loaded fixture is remarkably light for its? class weighing only 56 lbs, making it easy for transportation. Designed to be used in diverse settings, it features intelligent cooling with 3 fan noise settings that can be set from quite (52 dB) to performance (56 dB).

The Framebot 600 is the perfect multi-tool fixture to have in your lighting tool chest. The bot designed to satisfy your creativity.

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