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Blizzard Lighting

Blizzard Motif Atelier 16FX

Blizzard Motif Atelier 16FX

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Rugged yet elegant? that's not just a description of the Blizzard Modern Interpretive Dance Troop. It also describes the Motif Atelier 16FX. Our IP65-rated 1-meter wash offers RGB+WW 4-in-1 LED color mixing and pixel effects via 16x 15W, individually controllable high output LEDs. It mimics tungsten-source lighting to produce soft, warm white tones or add more warmth to the blend of any RGB mixed color.

Asymmetrical 10x40? Optics

Motif Atelier 16FX innovative asymmetrical 10x40? optics are ideally suited for vertical wash applications along walls, scrims, and other boundaries. It projects a 10? soft edge parallel to minimize spill away. Atelier's 40? angle is perpendicular; its long axis mixes individual LEDs into a homogeneous wash or allows multiple swaths of color to overlap for spectacular gradients and pixel effects.

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