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Gamma LED Vision

TX-6 450 Z (Spot)

TX-6 450 Z (Spot)

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The TX-6 450 Z is our latest addition to the “TX Series”. The most powerful & versatile of our “TX Series”, this fixture is equipped with a 450 watt high output white LED, a 4º – 50º zoom range, a color wheel that contains 8 colors + white, and CMY + CTO Color Mixing. This allows for the user to access smooth color mixing to access the shade of color they desire. Create a variety of arial looks as this fixture has a 8 facet & 4 facet linear prism that can both be independently controlled as well as stacked. This allows the 2 Gobo Wheels to truly be integrated at there highest potential. It’s equipped with 1 static wheel ( 12 gobos + rotation) and 1 rotational gobo wheel ( 7 gobos + wheel rotation). The power, efficiency, and versatility of the TX-6 350Z makes it ideal for medium to bigger venues.

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