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Video Wall Ground Support 2 Kit

Video Wall Ground Support 2 Kit

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The Ground Support 2 Kit is a proper and safe ground support/stacking system for professional video wall setups. It utilizes the new dual function rig bars to provide a clean, setup for your clients, and is capable of supporting up to 15 video panels of the F-series. Ships in road case with internal dividers to aid in the fast setup of the system for production/rental events.

  • Complete ground support solution for stacking video wall on the floor
  • Works for walls between 4.92 ft (1.5 m) and 8.2 ft (2.5 m) wide and as high as 9.85 ft (3 m) tall; combine additional groundsupport2kits to achieve wider walls
  • Use multiple kits to stack wider video walls
  • Support for flat and concave video walls, including 5° and 10° curves
  • Designed to work with the F2, F3, F4IP, F5IP, and Vivid 4 video panels
  • Ships in road case for easy setup and pack after the gig
  • DRB-F100CM, DRB-F50CM dual function rig bars required for operation (not included with groundsupport2kit)
  • 2pc floor base, 6pcs 1M ladder Truss, 10 Pcs TR16 Screw Jack, 2 Pcs Floor Base Bar with spigots, 2pcs 1m pipe with 2 clamps attached, 6pcs Panel Connecting Arm with Clamp, 12pcs Panel Mount Screws
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